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PG Diploma in International Finance (ACCA Professional Qualification pathway)

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What you'll learn

The Postgraduate Diploma in International Finance is a specialised program designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of financial management in the context of global markets. This comprehensive curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to prepare individuals for the complexities of international financial environments.

Throughout the program, students typically delve into key areas such as international financial markets, currency exchange, risk management, and multinational financial strategy. The curriculum often includes case studies, real-world projects, and simulations to enhance practical skills and decision-making abilities in the realm of international finance.

One of the notable aspects of a PG Diploma in International Finance is its focus on preparing professionals for the challenges and opportunities presented by globalisation. Students gain insights into the impact of geopolitical events, economic trends, and regulatory frameworks on international financial practices.

Graduates of this program are well-positioned for careers in multinational corporations, financial institutions, investment firms, and government agencies. Job opportunities may include roles in international financial analysis, risk management, financial consulting, and strategic financial planning.

The PG Diploma in International Finance serves as a valuable credential for individuals seeking to advance their careers in the dynamic and interconnected world of global finance. Whether aspiring to work in corporate finance, investment banking, or international trade, this program equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the international financial landscape.

The PG Diploma in International Finance Programme is awarded by Queen Margaret University and delivered by ISDC. The programme will be delivered through ISDC Learning Management System (LMS) with dedicated support from Edvoro. Edvoro is the strategic partner to attract high quality learners and value added services. Edvoro works in partnership with ISDC to promote this programme.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Progression: Obtain up to 9 Paper Exemptions, fast-tracking your ACCA journey and achieving an International Degree through ISDC's ACCA Professional Qualification Pathway.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Save time and money by efficiently bypassing the preparation for exempted papers, allowing for swift progression and potential overall cost reduction compared to standalone ACCA completion.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Enjoy enhanced flexibility in managing your study schedule, balancing ACCA studies with work, personal commitments, and other activities.
  • Global Recognition: Gain global recognition and respect in the accounting profession, increasing employability locally and internationally by pursuing the ACCA Professional Qualification Pathway.
  • Professional Development: Access professional development resources, staying updated with industry developments, enhancing technical skills, and ensuring competitiveness in the dynamic field of accounting & finance.

About Awarding Body

About Queen Margaret University

Established in 1875 as the Edinburgh School of Cookery, Queen Margaret University has evolved into a distinguished institution with a vision centred on delivering quality education. Founded by Christian Guthrie Wright and Louisa Stevenson, it officially adopted its current name in 1999. Committed to fostering a transformative learning experience, the university aims to empower students to achieve personal goals and make meaningful contributions to society. By offering a harmonious blend of practical and theoretical education, Queen Margaret University prepares students to positively impact the world, reflecting its enduring commitment to excellence in education since its inception over a century ago.

About ACCA

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), the global body for professional accountants, offers business-relevant qualifications to individuals worldwide, fostering rewarding careers in accountancy, finance, and management. With a community of 233,000 members and 536,000 students across 110 offices, ACCA focuses on professional values, ethics, and governance. Through 98 global partnerships, the organisation collaborates with entities of all sizes to promote global standards. The ACCA Qualification, a leading accountancy program, equips aspiring financial professionals with the skills and values for successful careers and leadership in evolving organisations worldwide.

About SQA

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) serves as Scotland's national awarding body, overseeing the creation, accreditation, assessment, and certification of qualifications, excluding University Degrees. Established by the Education (Scotland) Act 1996, it operates under parliamentary jurisdiction and is accountable to the Scottish Government. As a globally recognised entity, SQA ensures the quality of certifications, enabling acceptance by international universities for advanced entry and credit transfer into both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This attests to the credibility and transferability of qualifications endorsed by SQA on an international scale.

What is Included?

ISDC Learning is a new-age Learning Provision of International Skill Development Corporation, ISDC Learning is an Approved Learning Partner of ACCA with Platinum Status. The ISDC's  ACCA Professional Qualification Pathway program is closely aligned with the knowledge and skills modules of the ACCA qualification, offering students a thorough understanding of accounting and finance.

The PG Diploma in International Finance is a prestigious program designed to enhance individuals' skills and knowledge in accounting. Completion of the qualification requires meeting all credit requirements, providing students with a well-rounded education tailored to their interests and career objectives.

Key Features:

  1. Globally recognized qualification accredited by the ACCA, UK
  2. 9 Paper Exemptions for ACCA (Knowledge & Skill Level Examinations)
  3. Pathway to Achieving the ACCA Professional Qualification
  4. Advanced Digital Learning for greater flexibility, accessibility, and affordability
  5. Valuable knowledge and skills applicable across various industries and sectors


Performance on the course will be assessed by Closed book exam, reports, case study, Group discussions, Viva, presentations etc

Entry Requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree or Equivalent.
  • Proficiency in English.

Why gain Qualification

Accelerate your Accounting and Finance Career with a PG Diploma

The opportunity presented by ISDC offers an exhilarating path to concurrently pursue the ACCA Professional Qualification and PG Diploma. The ACCA qualification serves as a gateway to diverse career prospects across sectors such as public accounting, financial services, corporate finance, and consultancy.

The advantages of this pathway are numerous, encompassing accelerated career progression, cost-effectiveness, sustained professional development, and global recognition. Opting for the ACCA Professional Qualification Pathway not only allows for a swift advancement in the field of Accounting and Finance but also facilitates the attainment of PG Diploma, providing a comprehensive and efficient route to enhance your professional journey.

Career Pathways

PG Diploma in International Finance Programme equips individuals with the expertise and knowledge necessary for diverse and demanding career paths in various business sectors. Ranging from roles in accountancy and consultancy to corporate finance, management accounting, and government positions.

ACCA qualification opens doors to diverse career paths:

  1. Public Practice:  Secure positions in renowned accounting firms, specialising in offering services like audit, tax, and advisory.
  2. Private Sector: ACCA members are highly sought after in industries such as finance, banking, and consulting, with opportunities ranging from financial analyst to CFO, eventually progressing into leadership roles.
  3. Public Sector: ACCA qualification holders contribute to government and other organisations, engaging in financial planning, budgeting, and audit activities.
  4. Not-for-Profit Sector: ACCA members play a vital role in NGOs, charities, or other public interest entities, leveraging their financial and accounting expertise to support various causes.
  5. Academia & Research: PhDs holding an ACCA qualification can pursue teaching or research positions at universities or research institutions
  6. Global Mobility: ACCA, being a globally recognised qualification, equips individuals with transferable skills, enabling them to work seamlessly across different countries, cultures, and regions. The ACCA designation is a key facilitator for a career with international reach.
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Course Content

Modules Papers SCQF Level Credits
Leadership & Change Management   11 20
Crisis Management   11 20
Research Methodologies and Objectives   11 20
Business Performance Management PM 11 15
International Financial Reporting FR 11 15
International Financial Management FM 11 15
Audit and Taxation for Business AA & TX 11 15

Mode of Learning

Mode of Learning

The PG Diploma in International Finance Programme is awarded by Queen Margaret University and delivered by ISDC. The programme will be delivered through ISDC Learning Management System (LMS) with dedicated support from Edvoro. Edvoro is the strategic partner to attract high quality learners and value added services. Edvoro works in partnership with ISDC to promote this programme.

  • Duration 8 Months
  • Credits 120
  • Intake Regular
  • Study Mode Online / Blended
  • Course Materials: Well Structured
  • All Inclusive Cost Yes
  • Tutor Desk Yes
  • Support Desk Yes
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