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IBT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Business

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What you'll learn

The IBT Qualifications Level-4 Diploma in Accounting and Business provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of accounting and business within a broader business context. The program is designed to furnish learners with practical, industry-relevant skills for proficiently managing business finances, budgets, and cash flow, thereby playing a pivotal role in fostering business growth. Upon fulfilling this qualification, learners will acquire specialised skills and a technical lexicon to bolster their proficiency in accounting, business, and management, empowering them to pursue further studies or employment prospects.

Upon completing this qualification, learners will receive a certificate and transcript, dual-branded by IBT and ICM, which means that the certificate and transcript will be issued by ICM, along with the IBT logo. The successful completion of this qualification alone does not lead to a regulated qualification but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills gained. The modules completed may be used as evidence towards Recognition of Prior Learning if learners plan their further studies in this stream.

Key Benefits

  • Understand and apply accounting and finance principles in a business environment.
  • Assess and employ accounting and finance principles across different industries.
  • Master and apply accounting and finance principles within specific contexts.
  • Boost learners employability by facilitating exploration of the nexus between theories and practical application in business.
  • Examine problem-solving approaches customised to the business and industry milieu.
  • Collect, evaluate, and analyse information from various sources.

About Awarding Body

The Institute of Business and Technology (IBT) is an esteemed awarding body that provides students with top-tier diploma and degree programs tailored to meet vocational qualification needs. IBT's commitment to program quality is upheld by rigorous adherence to stringent standards across all courses. Moreover, through continuous oversight and audit processes of its accredited centres, IBT guarantees these approved institutions' legitimate and dependable operation. Furthermore, IBT extends extensive support to its accredited centres, ensuring the delivery of exceptional services to learners.

What is Included?

  1. Outstanding Tutor Support: EDVORO provides consistent and helpful guidance throughout the course. Learners can seek assistance through the EDVORO Support Desk Portal.
  2. Cutting-Edge Learning Management Platform: Access to a modern platform that contains essential learning resources and facilitates communication with the support desk team.
  3. Quality Learning Materials include well-structured lecture notes, study guides, and practical applications. Real-world examples and case studies are integrated to help learners apply their knowledge effectively. These materials are available in well-structured pathway books, letter notes, PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content formats on the learning portal.
  4. Formative Assessment Feedback: Tutors provide feedback on formative assessments, helping learners improve their achievements throughout the program.
  5. Summative Assessment feedback:Tutors provide feedback on summative assessments; this kind of feedback can be instrumental in helping students achieve their academic goals.
  6. Accessible Assessment Materials: All assessment materials are conveniently accessible through the online learning platform.
  7. Supervision for All Modules: This suggests that oversight and guidance are provided for every module of the course.
  8. Multiplatform Accessibility: Learners can access course materials through various devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desktops. This flexibility allows students to study at their convenience.
  9. Limitless Learning Opportunities: EDVORO offers a range of innovative online and blended learning experiences to help learners expand their knowledge.
  10. Blended Learning Approach: A blend of online and classroom study for convenience.
  11. Convenience, Flexibility, Support, and User-Friendliness: Core principles of online learning at EDVORO.


EDVORO internally assesses all the qualification units and the assignments are externally verified by IBT. A combination of coursework and assignments is used for assessment, and students must show that they meet each assessment criteria and learning outcomes detailed within each unit of the qualification to the required standard for the unit level.

Certificates will be awarded after assessing the candidate’s coursework and assignments. A qualified tutor will examine the evidence and make a decision, which is verified by the external verifier from IBT who will announce the ultimate results. To be awarded the certificates, candidates must pass all the six qualification units. Candidates need to achieve a 40% mark to pass each unit.

IBT Qualifications are endorsed by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), an Ofqual regulated awarding body, established in 1979. The self-regulated qualifications of IBT are subject to strict internal quality assurance processes, which reflect high standards. Upon completing the programme, learners will receive a certificate and transcript, dual-branded by IBT and ICM, which means that the certificate and transcript will be issued by ICM, along with the IBT logo

Entry Requirements

The qualification has been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access. There are few other criteria as well, please see below:

  • Qualification at Level 3 Diploma or an equivalent qualification is required.
  • GCE Advanced level in 2 subjects or an equivalent qualification is necessary.
  • Mature learners (over 18) with relevant management experience should verify this experience with the delivery centre before registering for the programme.
  • English proficiency: Non-native English speakers must provide evidence of their language competency if they are not from a predominantly English-speaking country.
  • In specific cases, managers with substantial experience but lacking formal qualifications may be considered, pending an interview and demonstration of their capability to handle the demands of the programme. Applicants typically need to provide two supporting references, with at least one preferably being academic.
  • International qualifications will be assessed for suitability for enrolment in UK higher education postgraduate programmes, where applicable.


  • Completing the IBT Level 4 Diploma opens doors for Level 5 diplomas in various management, accounting, and business finance fields.
  • Graduates are well-prepared for employment in related business applications.
  • The IBT Level 4 Diploma is equivalent to the first year of a UK bachelor's degree, enabling progression to the second year of three-year degree programs in the UK.


Why gain Qualification

  • Tailored programs aligned with industry standards on a global scale.
  • Rigorously assessed by expert professionals in the respective fields.
  • Elevating careers by imparting cutting-edge skills meeting modern employer demands.
  • Access to internationally accredited centres for program enrollment.
  • Flexible study choices to accommodate diverse schedules and commitments.


Career Pathways

The IBT Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Business may open many career pathways including, but not limited to:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Corporate Controller
  • Financial Planner
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Course Content

Reference No : DAB401

Participating in academic research and writing fosters the ability of learners to analyse and assess information sources and evidence before engaging in the creation of well-founded and coherent arguments.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : DAB403

The objective of this unit is to facilitate your comprehension and application of financial accounting principles within a business context.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : DAB402

The aim of this unit is to acquaint learners with the interaction between the wider economic context and business activities. Learners will develop the foundational knowledge required to recognise the components and structure of the business sector.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : DAB404

This unit aims to cultivate proficiency in employing quantitative methods, encompassing the presentation and utilisation of data in the realms of business and management to guide decision-making.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : DAB405

The objective of this unit is for learners to enhance their proficiency in management accounting, encompassing tasks such as budget preparation, costing, and capital expenditure appraisal.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : DAB406

Employers frequently emphasize the importance of possessing both robust management and nuanced leadership skills for the success of a business.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Delivery Methods

The program is delivered by Edvoro, a flagship of the School of Business and Technology London, and awarded by IBT; Edvoro offers a range of flexible delivery methods to cater to the diverse needs of its learners. These options include online and blended learning, allowing learners to select the mode of study that best suits their preferences and schedules. The program is designed to be self-paced and is facilitated through Edvoro's state-of-the-art Learning Management System.

Edvoro ensures learners can engage with their tutors through the Edvoro Support Desk Portal System. This platform enables learners to discuss course materials, seek guidance and assistance, and request feedback on their assignments, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Edvoro stands out by providing exceptional support and infrastructure for online and blended learning formats. We have adopted an innovative approach to learning, replacing traditional classroom-based instruction with web-based learning while maintaining an exceptionally high level of support. Learners who enrol at Edvoro benefit from the dedicated guidance of a tutor throughout their learning journey, ensuring comprehensive support from beginning to end, whether they choose the online or blended learning option.

Resources and Support

Edvoro is committed to providing unwavering support throughout your educational journey. Our dedicated support team is a crucial link between tutors and learners, ensuring that guidance, assessment feedback, and additional study assistance are delivered promptly and effectively. When a learner submits a support request via the support desk portal for advice, assessment feedback, or any other service, one of the support team members assigns the request to an appropriate tutor. Once the support team receives a response from the allocated tutor, the information is promptly made accessible to the learner through the portal. This structured support system is designed to assist learners and streamline support processes efficiently.

Edvoro's competitive edge is enhanced by the high-quality learning materials crafted by industry experts. The learning materials encompass well-structured pathway books, letter notes, practical applications with real-world examples, and case studies that empower learners to apply their knowledge effectively. Learning materials are conveniently accessible in one of three formats, PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content, through the learning portal, providing learners with versatile options for accessing and engaging with the content.

Study Options
  • Duration 12 Months
  • Credits 120
  • Accreditation Ofqual.Gov.UK
  • Intake Every Month
  • Study Mode Online / Blended
  • Course Materials: Well Structured
  • All Inclusive Cost Yes
  • Tutor Desk Yes
  • Support Desk Yes
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